Zuzu Mini Robotic Dog


  • Biologically inspired four legged robotic dog.
  • Comes with open source codes for programming your robot.
  • Ships in random color, depending upon the availability.
  • 30 days wait period, due to high demand.

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Zuzu mini is a biologically Inspired programmable advanced quadruped robot that can mimic a real dog & it’s various movements.

It can bark & show emotions!


Zuzu Mini can achieve complex movements just like a real life dog. It can move in any direction and adaptive to surface.
Zuzu Mini is agile, fast and flexible.


Zuzu Mini can be controlled and configured with it’s easy to use android app.

Programming Options

Zuzu Mini can  be programmed with your favorite pluggable module like ESP32 CAM, RaspberryPi Pico, RaspberryPi Zero or others using open source programming API thorugh UART interface. You can program it with Arduino, C, Python or Blockly.

An Ideal robot for STEM Learning and school’s robotic lab.

Students and developers can learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts with Zuzu Mini, as a target platform.


Zuzu Mini comes with ESP32-CAM adapter which can be used to program the robot with Arduino.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 10 cm

Black, White


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