Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? designs and develops in-house innovative and creative robotics products for learning and entertainment.

What is Zuzu Mini ?

Zuzu Mini is a biologically inspired four leg based programmable robotic dog designed for students, developers and institutions.

Which programming language does Zuzu Mini supports?

Zuzu Mini can be controlled through UART based API. Hence it can be programmed using any programming language.

Can I control Zuzu Mini using Arduino?

Yes! Zuzu Mini can be connected with different extendable modules like Arduino Nano, Raspberrypi boards, esp32, micro:bit etc. You can program Zuzu Mini using any Arduino based IDE.

What age group is Zuzu Mini suitable for?

Zuzu Mini is suitable for any age group. As it can be controlled easily using android app, which makes it an excellent robotic toy.
Zuzu Mini can be programmed through Blockly based visual programming tool, making it an ideal futuristic robot for students.
Zuzu Mini is an ideal robot to experiment with AI based algorithms and create useful applications, which makes it great robotic platform for developers.

How can I purchase a robot?

You can buy zuzu robots online directly through our online shop or through or partners/dealers here.